Food supply

“Only the harmonic meal may be perfect”


Visit the restFatálas Aĺa Petiaurant and enjoy our speciality, the traditional dishes. Friendly service, wide range of meals and drinks are available at will. Take your choice from our menu:

  • appetizer
  • minute meals
  • vegetarian meals
  • fish specialty
  • sauces
  • side dishes
  • weekly offer

as well as a menu of beverages:

  • warmbeverages
  • alcohol free drinks
  • alcohol: beer, liqueurs, spirits, wines

Meal vouchers are accepted!!!

Le Cheque Déjeuner, Vaša stravovacia, Ticket Restaurant,

                                                               Sodex ho Pa DOXX




To prepare grandiose meal is the most important to possess with qualitative stock, spicy.

The capacity of our restaurant is 40 – 80 person.

Our aim is to prepare enjoyable meal!



The guest sit down to the table. The waitress go to his table and says:

–       I am sorry sir, but this table is reserved.

–       Then take it and bring me another one! – said calmly the guests




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